Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Music Clips Available!

Hark Clip by Seth Davis

I have posted three clips from the CD I am working on. I hope to have it finished this year. It's trance music suitable for a yoga workout or the like. Enjoy! I will be adding to these clips soon.

Piano and Music Lessons

Seth Davis specializes in gifted students and adults. He mostly teaches keyboards and theory. He incorporates postural work like yoga in technical studies. He teaches classical music and jazz, as well as advanced compositional techniques. Blues to bluegrass is included as "jazz." He will gladly teach you to hold your wrists for the best keyboard technique.  

He has 2 degrees in music and 25 years of professional performance experience. He has taught private lessons for 20+ years, and college for 10. Guidelines for teaching are not rigid. Individual students have individual needs. 

Most kids (and some adults) start with scales and notated pieces. Method books have numbered fingerings that work like "training wheels" to get you moving. Students move quickly through these pieces, usually on to easy Bach. Slow tempos are musically correct in baroque music, so it is ideal for beginners. Keyboards and synthesizers are fine for lessons.

Often adults learn from chord charts. Blues scales and progressions are basic to this study. Advanced students learn modal playing and jazz substitutions. Diminished scale harmony is a favorite among advanced students. It is hard to learn without a knowledgeable teacher. 

He coaches other instruments such as guitar, bass, and other rock related instruments. Seth's stint in a Renaissance choir gives him an edge with vocal coaching and modal playing. He has played keyboards, vocals, electronics, guitar and harmonica on stage, and has performed with internationally and locally recognized artists.